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We offer both outside and inside RV storage.


Convenience store


There are Kansas items:
          Key chains (various sizes and designs)
          Shot glasses (Tall and Short)
          Twister/Tornado in a glass
          Playing cards

We also have items for the kids or grandkids:
          Disney Pezs collectible
          Bug Kits
          Blue Ice Packs (Disney Princess, Baseball, Ladybug designs)
          Stamp kits
          Coloring Posters

For the ladies:

General items:
         Address book
         Recipe cards
         Writing pads
         Greeting cards
         Laundry items (soap, softeners, spot removers, bleach

For your RVs:
          Sewer kits
          Propane tanks & gauges
          Heat tape
          Electrical cords & adapters
          Woodall’s Guide
         Trailer Life



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Television and radio

Satellite Television Settings

  Direct TV Dish Network
Elevation 45° 44°
Azimuth 179° 193°

OTA Television Channels

DTV Call Sign Channel Network City, State Compass Heading Miles From RF Channel
* KSAS-DT 24.1 FOX WICHITA, KS 277° 11.6 26
* KDCU-DT 31.1 UNI DERBY, KS 283° 12.7 31
* KAKE-DT 10.1 ABC WICHITA, KS 277° 12.1 10
* KSNW-DT 3.1 NBC WICHITA, KS 275° 11.8 45
* KSCW-DT 33.1 CW WICHITA, KS 307° 33.2 19
* KWCH-DT 12.1 CBS HUTCHINSON, KS 307° 33.2 12
* KAKE-LD 10.1 ABC WICHITA, KS 277° 12.1 21
* KPTS-DT 8.1 PBS HUTCHINSON, KS 305° 33.5 8
* KMTW-DT 36.1 MNT HUTCHINSON, KS 315° 17.6 35
* KGPT-DT 49.1 IND WICHITA, KS 202° 4.6 49
  KSMI-LP 51 AZA WICHITA, KS 204° 4.6 51
  KFVT-LP 40 IND OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 226° 1.9 40
  K28JB 28 TBN WICHITA, KS 191° 3.4 28
* KCTU-LD 43.1 IND WICHITA, KS 195° 4.8 43


Radio Stations & Weather

KNSS 1330 AM
KEYN 103.7 FM
KFDI 101.3 FM
KFH 1240 AM
98.7 FM



USI RV Park's laundry room is open 24 hrs 7 days a week and is equipped with top of line front load HE washers and dryers.  There is a book exchange corner also!


Rec room

Our Rec Room is available to rent.

 Rec room kitchen

Clean restrooms


 Men's restroom

Men's restroom


Women's Restroom